Welcome to Wheelsaway, your online source for stylish, lightweight, durable and waterproof Apple iMac Carriers on wheels. We are based in Wayzata, Minnesota, but we ship our beautiful, functional iMac bags everywhere.

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Why Choose Wheelsaway iMac Carriers?

If you are like many iMac aficionados, you have been lugging your iMac desktop computer to meetings, conferences and workshops. Perhaps you have carried it in a canvas bag or carrying case that was not even designed for the purpose of safely transporting electronic equipment.

Those days are over. Now you can protect your investment and transport your Apple iMac in a sturdy yet stylish iMac Carrier that goes wherever you go with ease. No more lifting, hefting, or lugging. Just gently place your iMac in the padded carrying case, zip it up and away you go. Your iPad, keyboard, mouse and power cord all fit conveniently in the two inside sleeves.

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And when you want to use your iMac Carrier as a shoulder bag, you can simply remove the detachable wheel base and attach a shoulder strap. It’s that easy.

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